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Museum volunteers write a column for the Granite Falls Press (the town's local newspaper) describing what Granite Falls was like "Back in the Day." Click to travel back in time!

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Special Projects
New Zealander Learns Family History

A gentleman wandered in one afternoon and said, “My name is Parr and I believe I may have had some relatives in this area."

"I just flew in this morning from New Zealand, and I’m on my way to visit my cousin (also named Parr) in British Columbia. The kind people in Everett [a large town about 20 miles from Granite Falls] did have evidence of one of the matriarchs in our family dying there, but they said she was buried in Granite Falls."

"I decided to drive up here and see what I could find, although my cousin said he’d been here and I wouldn’t find much in a small logging town.
Trace Your Family's Land Holdings

A local fellow walked in one day and asked, “Can you confirm that my ancestors homesteaded the property on which the Twin Cities Food plant now sits in Stanwood, WA?”.

While it was clearly a matter of some family pride, our search took a surprising turn. By turning on the “cities 1910” layer, it was easy to find and zoom in around the city of Stanwood.
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