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The Loggers Memorial

Remember Those Who Died in the Woods

The Granite Falls and South Fork Stilliguamish Valley we know today were created by men and woman willing to work hard to create a place where they could build a home, raise a family, and find community.

First, there were the hard-rock miners of Monte Cristo and Silverton hoping to find a fortune in minerals. Following quickly were the loggers, men and women who lived and worked in the woods in order to create lumber to build the burgeoning towns of Everett,. Seattle, and Granite Falls.

The logging legacy lives in Granite Falls, in Robe, in Verlot, and in Gold Basin where the mills that created lumber once stood. To honor creators of  our community, the Granite Falls History Museum is creating a logger's memorial.

If you know of someone in your family or neighborhood who gave their lives in the woods, please consider honoring their memory by filling out the  Logger's Memorial Candidate form below and mailing it to the museum. If you have pictures or other items about the logger you are honoring, please contact us about donating these materials so that Museum visitors will see not only a long list of names, but find letters, photos and other things that tell them who this logger was.

If you have questions about the Loggers Memorial, send it to us.

Download the memorial form: When the form opens in your browser, save it to your computer or print it. 

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