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What Will You Find at the Museum?

Prepare for your visit to the Granite Falls Historical Museum, by reading thumbnail histories of Granite Falls and Robe in articles on
Granite Falls - Thumbnail history: HistoryLink Essay 8532; Robe Valley - Growing up in the 1940s: HistoryLink Essay 8494.

Arts, Culture, and Recreation

See early record players, a player piano, and AM-only radios.

Discover the community organizations where folks got together to talk, sing, and dance.

See the art, both amateur and world-class, created by people in the Granite Falls area.


See pictures of the Granite Falls schools as the town grew; discover class pictures, school sports teams, read graduation programs, and check the library of yearbooks to find relatives who attending Granite Falls schools.

Downtown Businesses

See an interactive photo of Granite Falls in 1912.
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Early residents of Granite Falls liked to appear in the latest fashions, as you can see in this photo of a group on a trip to Robe Canyon.

Enjoy our display of turn-of-the-20th-Century outfits, a display of hats from the day when no woman left the house without one, and even children's clothing styles.

Agriculture, Logging, and Mining

Before the aircraft industry and the software industry, the Northwest, including Granite Falls, was known for logging and mining.

See a real spar tree, just as early loggers set it up to move logs down a mountain. Handle the tools pioneers used to log, mine, build homes, and create the life they made out of a wilderness.

City Government

Electricity was provided by a local private utility company. Sewers were built, sidewalks laid, and roads paved.

See some of the first fire equipment and learn how the people of Granite Falls created a modern town.

People and Families

The first European settlers in the Granite Falls area were homesteaders, who cleared the forest and created the town to which others came.

Learn about the people and families who created Granite Falls. Find your own family's place in Granite Falls history. Learn the history of the property you live on.

Horses, Railroads, Motorcycles, and Cars

See one of Granite Falls earliest cars.

Find out about how horses, wagons, and buggies got the earliest pioneers from one place to another.

Explore the history of the railway that connected Granite Falls, Silverton, and Monte Cristo to the outside world.