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Search Granite Falls History Online

You can search our database of historical photos and many historical documents right here on the Web site.

Search PastPerfect Here

If you have questions about doing online searching, read the tips below and the article, More Ways to Search. If these do not answer your question, send the question to us. Note: To search online, your browser must be set to accept third-party cookies. See your browser documentation to learn how to enable cookies.

Search Newspapers, Too

You can search digitized versions of Granite Falls newspapers using the custom search box in the upper right-hand corner of this page. Enter your search word or phrase, click the Down arrow, and then click Granite Falls newspapers. A Search Results page shows you all the pages that match your search. For help with newspaper searching, go to Searching Old Newspapers: A Brief Tutorial.

  • When you click Search History Here, you are taken to another Web site. You can return to the Museum site at any time by clicking the museum banner.
  • The photos in this database are the property of The Granite Falls Historical Society and cannot be used for any purpose without the permission of the society. Call (360) 691-2603 or email

Tips on Searching

You have several search choices; all of them require you to type in words or names describing the item you want to find.

Click the image to see a larger version in a new tab or window.
  • Separate multiple words with a comma. The search finds all items containing any of the words you type.
  • Place a phrase, such as "spar tree," within quotation marks.
  • If you are unsure how to spell something or you want all of the variants of a word, enter the first few letters and then an asterisk (*). All names or words that begin with those letters are displayed in the results. For example, to find all records asosciated with mines, mining, or miners, type mine*.

For example, if you are interested in the history of logging, you might search using some of these words: donkey, spar tree, log, logger, mill, rigging, shingle, duplex, or steam.
  • Interested in mining? Try: mine, concentrator, gold, silver, "Monte Cristo", quarry, or adit.
  • Interested in fashion or recreation? Try: costume, dress, hat, picnic, or hunting.
  • Interested in railroads? Try: locomotive, depot, or railroad. If you know a railway's name such as "Hartford Eastern", or "Everett Monte Cristo", enter the name.
  • If locomotives are your interest, you can find them by name, too, such as Shay, Climax, or Heisler.
  • To locate a person, enter either the full name or last name. For example, to find pictures of Dr. Frank Chappell, enter Chappell or Frank Chappell. You need not use capital letters. If you misspell the name, you are given a list of possible matching items and can select the one you think best matches what you are searching for. 

More Ways to Search

Popular Searches

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