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Research People and Places

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The Granite Falls Historical Museum offers research assistance to anyone wanting to learn more about the history of Granite Falls and the valley of the South Fork of the Stilliguamish river.

You can do your own research or get help from a volunteer. There is no charge for doing the research yourself. If a museum volunteer does the research for you, there is a fee based on the amount of time required.

If coming to the museum for research is not convenient, we will work with you to identify the information you want to find, search our collections database for relevant items, and send you a CD or DVD containing the items we found. There is a $15 fee to cover the cost of the CD and postage.

Volunteers can print high-resolution photos or large photos. Cost depends on the size and number of images being printed.

To request assistance, contact the museum at 360 691-2603 to leave a voicemail, fill out the question form on this Web site, or send email to

Special Projects

Below are examples of special research projects conducted by the museum at the request of an individual or an organization. Do you have some research you would like help with? Send email to with your request.

Museum Creates Historical Property Maps

In early 2009, ESRI provided a grant to the Museum for ArcGIS 9.0 (a mapping software product), based on our intent to create a map that could be shared among multiple organizations. With the cooperation of several organizations with large scanners, the Museum digitized and cleaned up township maps, showing about 36 square miles.
With lots of student intern manpower, the all-volunteer team used the geo-referencing capabilities of ArcMap to accurately overlay multiple vintages of hand-drawn hardcopy maps, using modern township, section, and 1/16 section corners as the reference points. Read more...

New Zealand Visitor Learns Family History

A gentleman wandered in one afternoon and said, “My name is Parr and I believe I may have had some relatives in this area."
"I just flew in this morning from New Zealand, and I’m on my way to visit my cousin (also named Parr) in British Columbia. The kind people in Everett [a large town about 20 miles from Granite Falls] did have evidence of one of the matriarchs in our family dying there, but they said she was buried in Granite Falls."
"I decided to drive up here and see what I could find, although my cousin said he’d been here and I wouldn’t find much in a small logging town.” Read more...