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Back in the Day: November 2010

Stories by Fred Cruger about how life in Granite Falls used to be. Articles also appear monthly in the Granite Falls Press.

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The Tree Trimming "App" of Today

Last month we talked about "high-lead logging" and the fellows that rigged 175-foot tall spar trees. Well, we needed to find one of those fellows earlier this month when decorating the tree outside the Museum.

We looked long and hard for someone like the brave man sitting atop the tree, but to no avail. Fortunately, Asplundh offered their help in putting new lights on the tree in time for the big Christmas tree lighting on Nov 27th.

We'd like to extend our special thanks to Asplundh for their help on the 60-foot tree, and to the local businesses who contributed to help us pay for the new lights and the awards given out on Saturday night.

The IGA Market, Pharm-A-Save, Timberline Cafe, Playa Bonita Restaurant, Galaxy Theaters, the Masonic Lodge, the Granite Falls Chamber, and Granite Falls Liquor and Wine all chipped in to make the tree-lighting a success! Thanks for a great year!

Where are guys like this spar-tree sitter when you need them?
Today, we have an "app" for reaching tree tops