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Back in the Day: December 2010

Stories by Fred Cruger about how life in Granite Falls used to be. Articles also appear monthly in the Granite Falls Press.

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Christmas Shopping without Malls

As the major shopping season of the year comes to a close, it is interesting to look back to 1922 to see what was advertised in the local Granite Falls Record at the time.

Choosing a pre-Christmas issue from December 1922, all of the following advertisements were found on a single page - there were others in the same issue.

At that time, Granite Falls boasted several drug stores, a doctor, a dentist, a tailor, a movie theatre, carpeting and cabinetry shop, bakery, shoe store, harness and leather shop, creamery, jewelry and clothing store, automobile dealership, laundry, photo studio, barber shop, stage line, hotels and restaurants, feed store, several general stores, and of course a newspaper/printer.

No need for the Everett Mall or Wal-Mart, and everything within walking distance!

You could get everything you needed for Christmas from cards to gifts right here in Granite Falls.